After our fruitful collaboration with Chattanooga Public Library we're extremely happy to announce that following the conclusion of a successful Kickstarter campaign, we'll be officially working with WFMT's Studs Terkel Radio Archive to provide discoverable and remixable Interactive Transcripts.

The Studs Terkel Radio Archive Kickstarter

In true collaborative style we'll be "Mixing things up" with Digital ReLab and Trint to produce and archive timed transcripts which can be remixed within

Having co-founded Trint to create a tool that allowed machine transcriptions to be corrected — while maintaining those all important word timings — I'm personally very excited to be testing out the service with 1000 hours of high quality archive audio.

It's also great to have the opportunity to work together with seasoned media archivists Digital ReLab; who'll be handling the media management with their Starchive service.

We love working with great content and you can catch a sneak preview of some of that content at, under the Interviews folder. In many ways Studs was the original Podcaster, often carrying around a pocket cassette recorder so that he could speak his thoughts or interview people wherever he found them.

The Studs Terkel Radio Archive Website

The archive will contain interviews with notable guests such as Simone De Beauvoir, Gwendolyn Brooks and Dr Martin Luther King to name just a few! We're confident that by combining transcripts with these historic interviews they become even more useful as primary source material for students, teachers, researchers, artist, authors and journalists alike.

On the technical side we'll be trying out Hyperaudio Lite; a library we developed in Doha while putting together Palestine Remix. Hyperaudio Lite allows anybody to host Interactive Transcripts and we're using it to allow people to search, navigate and share content from the new Studs Terkel Radio Archive Website. What's great is that whatever we develop for this project will be released out into the community as Open Source. That's a win for everybody!

Mark Boas