Kids on the 2nd Floor of Chattanooga Public Library

A few weeks ago we had the fantastic opportunity to try out Hyperaudio with the latest generation of web users and mixers.

We're currently collaborating with Chattanooga Public Library (CPL to its friends), trying out ideas centred around community journalism and learning. This ties in with our aim to help push media literacy as a key competency.

CPL has a great initiative happening on their 2nd Floor - which is, according to their Twitter profile :

a new frontier for kids, tweens and teens. Let's have fun and learn something together.
Sounds good, right?

They also have some very enthusiastic and forward-looking people organizing all this, one of whom is Justin Hoenke who kindly volunteered to try out the Hyperaudio Pad at their Makeanooga event.

So what does happen when kids are let loose with the Hyperaudio Pad?

Well in Justin's words :

We try to have as much fun as possible here on the 2nd Floor. It's key to our success. Last night I wanted to get a vibe of how kids would react to HyperAudio ... would they be ok with the text editing? The trims? Etc. Those things worry me as kids/tweens/teens just need it to be so simple and in their face.

I am happy to report that they picked up on HyperAudio INSTANTLY. "You mean you just highlight words and drag them over here to edit?" Yes, yes yes. That's what you do.

And here's some examples of what they did!

Mark Boas